The Greatest Covenant for the Muslim and How to Fulfill It


By Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghazali

For a Muslim, probably the most honorable and the holiest covenant is the one which he has made together with his Lord, for Allah has created him with His Power. He has nourished him beneath the shadow of his favors and blessings, and has demanded of him that he ought to acknowledge what’s the actuality and admit it.

No misguiding elements ought to trigger him to deviate from the fitting path lest he could deny these realities or he could lose sight of them:

Did I not enjoin on you, 0 you kids of Adam! that you shouldn’t worship Satan.. for that he was to you an enemy avowed? And that it’s best to worship Me, (for that) this was the straight method? (Ya-Sin 36:60-61)

Those who don’t hearken to the Prophets and don’t comply with their teachings, of their nature additionally there’s a motivator which pricks them, exhibits them the trail of their Lord, and tries to make them notice the greatness of the Creator, nonetheless corrupt and polluted the atmosphere could also be:

This is the that means of this covenant which Allah has taken from all of the people:

When your Lord drew forth from the kids of Adam-from their loins-their descendants, and made them testify regarding themselves, (saying).. . Am I not your Lord ( Who cherishes and sustains you)?’ They stated: .Yes, we do testify.’ (This), lest it’s best to say on the Day of Judgment: ‘Of this we were never mindful.’ Or lest it’s best to say: ‘Our fathers before us may have taken false gods but we are (their) descendants after them.. will you then destroy us because of the deeds of men who were futile?’ Thus do We clarify the indicators intimately so that they might flip (to Us). (Al-A`raf 7:172-174)

Here, no common dialogues had taken place as is obvious from the obvious sense of those verses, however this can be a image of the right-natured individuals displaying how they’re aware of Allah, how they acknowledge Him, how they uncover His Oneness and Greatness from the proofs scattered within the universe, and shun from all the traditional customs and habits which preserve males away from this Lord, and which affiliate somebody with Allah. This fashion of speech and writing is frequent within the Arabic language.


With honoring this Covenant, a person’s faithfulness is the inspiration of his respect and honor on this world and of success and glory within the subsequent world.

It is an undue misgiving and worry from Allah that we should always fulfill the covenant made with Him and nonetheless be apprehensive that some catastrophe would befall us:

“Recall the favor, which I bestowed on you, and fulfill your Covenant with Me ” I’ll fulfill My Covenant with you, and worry none however Me.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to provide these directions to the tribes which got here to him, whereas conveying the Message of Islam, and used to put earlier than them just a few points at first in keeping with the mental and bodily capacities of the individuals as a substitute of giving them the entire teachings.

`Awf bin Malik says that he was with the Prophet when there have been about seven, or eight or 9 individuals current. He requested us: “Will you not take a pledge on the hand of the Messenger of Allah?” We stretched our palms and stated: “We take a pledge on your hand, a Messenger of Allah!”

He stated: “(Your pledge is) That you should worship Allah. Do not associate anybody with Him, and offer salah for five times and listen and obey.” And he stated in a low voice: “And do not ask for anything from the people.”

Auf bin Malik says: “I saw some of these persons who had taken pledge that when their hunter fell on the ground, they did not ask anybody to pick it up and give it to them.” (Muslim)

How scrupulously the pledge is being noticed and the way severely and strictly it’s being enforced! There was no particular significance of this pledge. Every group was once instructed in keeping with its nature and circumstances. The ruler was once suggested to not be merciless. The dealer was once instructed to not take pleasure in adulteration and deceit, and the workers have been admonished towards accepting bribes.

Otherwise, each Muslim is sure to comply with your entire faith, all its tenets and rules, and he will likely be requested on the Day of Judgment about your entire Shari`ah.

However, within the Islamic world there have appeared just a few sects which take a pledge of a particular type. They shouldn’t be entertained.

They are like quacks who pose as physicians. They administer spurious medicine and complicate the illness and endanger the lifetime of their affected person.

Islamic teachings can’t be divided and distributed. All of them should be adopted, and their enforcement is critical in each place at each time.


The article is an excerpt from the e-book “Muslim Character”, a translation of Muhammad Al-Ghazali’s “Khuluq Al-Muslim”.


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